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—  UL Approval for   —  
Precoplat Precision Conductive Plates Technology (PCP)
The letters UL stand for Underwriters Laboratories Inc.,
this organization is an independent, not-for-profit product-
safety testing and certification organization.

In the beginnings of UL more than 100 years ago stood
questions in the range of fire-protection-mechanisms in
the foreground. Today all possible products, materials,
constructions and systems are tested and evaluated
regarding their electrical danger as well as their danger
of accident and fire. And in addition there were examined
alarm systems and the ability to discover, control and
prevent fire.

UL develops safety regulations, which are taken over
frequently as ANSI standards. Underwriters Laboratories
certify and register customers according to ISO 9000.


  What means this indication for the Precoplat GmbH and their customers?  
  Products with this indication have international a higher acceptance. Many customers
wish or demand a UL marking. The marking offers easements in questions of the
product liability and brings a higher acknowledgment at authorities. In order to guarantee
the adherence to the examined values, a Follow UP service is furnished. An expert from
UL visits regularly our manufacturing areas and controls ranges of our production. In
addition we are obligated to submit in certain distances printed circuit boards in the
listed remarks to UL for examination. This offers additional security and reliability.

You increase your export chances in the USA and Canada, if the printed circuit boards of
your products are UL marked. UL stands for "Underwriter Laboratories" Inc., a "non-profit
organization", which examines electronic devices and components for the adherence to
American safety standards.

Also our printed circuit boards were subjected to the hardest tests in the UL laboratories
and they existed even the extremely heavy 130 C° long term test. That qualifies us without
reservation for the US-American and Canadian safety standards.

| Precoplat Präzisions-Leiterplatten-Technik GmbH resident in 47877 Willich-Germany |
| Registered at the Krefeld District Court | Registration No. HRB 1444 | VAT-ID-No.: DE 120 156 920 |
| Management: Hildegard Völker & Andreas Brüggen | Post Address: 47805 Krefeld, Oberdiessemer Strasse 15 |
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