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Precoplat Precision Conductive Plates Technology (PCP) would like to assist you at finding the best shapes, dimensions and the best separation process for your PCB`s!

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  One important process in offering you a very low price is an efficient use of the given spaec on our production panel. Especially in times of raising prices in the laminate sector, the question how to arrange your PCB`s on our production panel is getting more and more essential. Therefore the size, shape and the width of the dummy areas of your pcb can have an important influence on the price-building process. In each case - unfunctional "extravagancy" or dummy areas, dominated by vast registration holes - we will contact you to minimize unnecessary costs.

  The V-cutting process is the most space-saving mechanical separation process. As pcb`s can be arranged on the panel one by one in "zero-spaces", this process helps to save you money at high-volume orders. (more than 1000 Eurocards). One disadvantage is that this process sometimes is not accepted when very high standards concerning flammability are required. And this process does not allow the shaping of round PCB`s, notches and corners.

  Routing circles, notches, corners...
  Routing circles, notches, corners and other necessary or extravagant shapes is the quality of that separation process. But it needs at least 8 mm from one to another pcb to route a complete contour. If you need a routed panel of PCB`s, be aware that you need a 2,6 mm space between one PCB to another and the dummy area in order to arrange stable bridges.

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